"I was wondering how you find all that looks?)" by Anonymous

It’s easy (sometimes). I just use certain websites.

Posted 3 weeks ago by briakr.

Finally found this top!

Nicki wore a Clover Canyon orange printed crepe shirt

Dolce & Gabbana $1,129 ancient print cardigan and $975 leopard print leggings

$460 Stella McCartney polar bear print t-shirt

$1,250 Dolce & Gabbana bougainvillea print silk cardigan and $2,015Balmain printed  skinny jeans

[I couldn’t find Nicki’s exact top online] but she wore a Dolce & Gabbana James Dean icon t-shirt

Stella McCartney gold tone python bomber jacket [$1950]


[sold out] ‘Queen of fucking everything’ pillow from Kitson

Bailey 44 grudge match striped tank top [$88]

"Thank you and @hoboragsy for identifying the Pleaser boots for me." by Anonymous
Posted 1 month ago by briakr.

Nicki wore a $105 pair of Nike legendary printed tights and you can purchase a similar 3d bling crystal rhinestone phone case from ebay.

"Hey could you find the black corset dress that nicki wears in the right by my side video, preferably the whole outfit and not just the dress" by Anonymous
Posted 1 month ago by briakr.
"hello! could you put the price of Nicki's drees, shoes ec. ?" by itsnickiminajqueen

I do…

Posted 1 month ago by briakr.

Alexander McQueen padlock and key chain necklace [$445]

Moschino fall 2014 underwear